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If you enjoy being a part of a success story, try becoming a driving instructor. We offer a range of training options fitted around your current circumstances. To prepare you for your instructor exams, we supply training materials and one to one training.

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Already an instructor? Whether you're dissatisfied with your current driving school, just qualified, or are tired of "going it alone", you will find our personal support for you as a driving instructor hard to beat.

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With more franchise payment holidays than average, you too could gain by joining us. We are local and will work at keeping your miles down, which is a key with the current fuel prices. Let us take the worry out of filling your diary, so you can focus on the job you love!

Make your business a success

Trading since 2003, we have always prioritised looking after our instructors, as we know reputation is everything. Our existing instructors are all ADIs and most of them have a long-standing relationship with us.. This is a testament to their job satisfaction with Driving's Cool. We aim to provide a professional and prompt service to instructors and customers alike. Therefore you can be confident our quality tuition vehicles and consistent popularity among learners, will also make your business a success.

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    How to Become 
    An Instructor

    Instructor training with Driving's Cool

    To become a Fully Qualified or an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), you must pass three tests.

    Part One - A Theory Test.

    Part Two - A Practical Driving Test. 

    Part Three - An assessment of your ability to instruct.

    It is your choice how quickly you want to prepare for your new career. You may drop everything else to focus completely on getting through the coursework, training and exams. Training while holding down another job could be equally beneficial. You may start instructing as a Provisional Driving Instructor(PDI) as soon as you have passed the two first tests. Equally, you can wait until you have passed all three and become an ADI.

    Our training consists of reading materials and one to one training. The first step is to study for the Theory Test while building your knowledge of instructing. We would advise you what to focus on to be prepared before booking any of the exams. Early on we do a driving assessment and training to get you to the high standard of driving necessary to pass the advanced Driving Test. We make you aware of any bad habits so you can rut them out. You need to own what is right to look ahead and be safe on the road as an instructor. Our one to one training will help build the many skills needed to instruct safely and effectively. 

    We train you to become an instructor

    Almost anyone can study the highway code and bring their driving to a good safe standard. Coaching effectively and confidently is more challenging. The first parts of our course offer a solid foundation to build on. To become an Instructor  you must develop knowledge, patience and awareness to coach, teach, and multitask. With continuously changing circumstances you need to take control. Help the learner understand and adjust. It is very edifying when you get there, but not everybody is cut out for this job.

    Before starting the training you should apply for disclosure.  From applying to receiving a disclosurecan take around 10 weeks. We would not start training you until you have received it.

    Having completed your training, you can join us and benefit from our long-standing goodwill.